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Right To The Core
Stolen Apples
The Bar On Gouger
Season closed
By Mark Liebelt

Stolen Apples are a six piece Adelaide act, members hailing from numerous Adelaide bands, fronted by founder, guitarist and lead singer John Roberts. Their stated aim is to bring to audiences a recreation of Paul Kelly's musical treasure trove with integrity and passion.

Opening with a country-fied Down To My Soul, all on stage did indeed recreate songs with a reverence, the twin acoustics playing off against each other sweetly, while Roberts did not try to mimic Kelly’s vocal style, at times having a sound not unlike Dave Faulkner from The Hoodoo Gurus. Dumb Things was given a right royal rollicking outing with harp trading licks with Richard’s telecaster. Superb. As was one of my favourites Careless, the group meshing very early in the evening, Lindsay’s five string Washburn bass adding a wonderful melody to his time keeping duties.
How To Make Gravy was perhaps the only track that didn’t win me over. It’s a powerful story requiring the right amount of pathos to deliver convincingly. Whilst it was given more of a musical feel, rather than the soliloquy it tends to start with, it was the electric guitar that really told the story, underpinning the sadness all involved feel at Christmas. However, it was saved with the very George Harrison like I’ll Be Your Lover Now, again the Telecaster stealing the show, evoking a wonderful Harrison soundscape.

If it sounds like I’m banging on about the leccy guitar fair enough, because its sound when combined with the ensemble added a new dynamic to Kelly’s songs. It wasn’t all known Kelly songs. Won’t You Come Around written for Vika and Linda and Difficult Woman, with a funky groove written for Renee Geyer were welcome additions, Roberts’ and Mell’s vocals combining wonderfully on these. Love Never Runs On Time was indeed a highlight as was the so Australian breakup song To Her Door, a great note perfect extended rendition closing the show.


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One review of “Right to the Core”

frogg March 5, 2012 at 1:45 pm #

I saw Stolen Apples on Saturday night, being a Paul Kelly fan I was impressed by the bands smooth and easy delivery of many classics. The lead singer John had a strong vocal and smooth harmonies from female backing singer who was also easy on the eye!!. There was also a great keyboard sound in the back ground and a very nice lead guitar that seemed to have a slight southern country twang to it. The rhythm section was tight and solid and punched out well especially near the end.

I say good value- go The Apples