Recent happenings

Saturday 20-10-2012:

Well, am very tired here ... 11:11pm. Got to bet at 2:30am this morning. Jamie and I went to see a great band called the Bell Phonics at Casablabla last night and hence a bit of a latey. Band rehearsal tomorrow and then gigging at The Tonsley on Friday night 26th of Oct.

There is talk of a gig at The Belair Hotel as well, nothing comfirned yet. Am off to get some shut eye here!


Friday 12/10/2012:

Well The Gov offered us a rescheduled gig on December 1st, 2012 but unfortunately we had to decline that one because it is the same date as 'Day on the Green'. Lindz (bass player) is going to it and I may well go to it as well. 

Sunday 07-10-2012:

No gig this weekend! Nice to have a little break actually. I posted the snippet of video of the Apples performing Dumb Things at the Goolwa Aquatic Club, the crowd loved it. It is a great song.  PK, the man himself will be in town soon for the screening of the documentary aptly titled 'Stories of me'on Thursday evening 25th of October at Her Majesty's Theatre.  If he is still in Adelaide on Friday night I could recommend a good gig for him to check out .... LOL (check our gig list).

The Gov kindly offered us a gig in the front bar, which is always a pleasure to play, on Saturday November 10th, 2012. Sadly we had to decline because Mell (Stolen Apples female lead singer) is part of a burlesuqe show that same evening for details see this link.

I had an attack of GAS recently, GAS = Gear Aquisition Syndrome and bought a digital wireless system for my guitar. It is smaller and lighter and so far sounds clearer and better. Those of you reading ths that are musos will relate to the GAS attacks I'm sure :).

Must get on with the important stuff now, like weekly laundry and cleaning the cat litter trays!




Sunday 30-09-2012:

Well the last few months for Stolen Apples have been very interesting indeed. Jamie (our drummer) has been very active in seeking gigs for the band and had quite some sucess with making cold calls to venues and handing them a copy of our promo pack and the demo CD. So thank you Jamie for your time and effort.  On top of that he found a band agent who took a look at us and he was very impressed and is now working for the Apples and within the first 2 weeks secured a gig at The tonsley and also another on offer up north at Cudlee Creek.

Last night we had the opportunity to gig at the fantastic newly renovated Goolwa Aquatic Club. What a great venue and the people down there are just so friendly too.  Thanks Marty for booking us and supporting the band. We definitely look forward to coming agin so share some mor PK tunes with guys in summer.

JR managed to book the Sugar Shack in Middleton for the overnight stay after the gig. What a quirky charming little place that is. It was good to not have to drive all the way back to the city after the gig and packing up the PA and all our gig. I wish I'd taken some photo's of the place now.  Speaking of photo's Jim Carter, who is a long time old friend of Lindsay Browne (the bass playerin the band) took a heap of photos which is most appreciated. I'll be uploading them later today. 

God I feel tired though ... my body is yearning for a nana nap but my mind is too active to let me do that at the moment.

Enough ramblings for the moment ....