The Band Bio

Stolen Apples is a unique band that began to form in Decmber of 2008. Why is it unique? In the process of discussing the band name with Paul Kelly's management they'd said this is really cool we know of no other band in Australia doing what you guys are doing.

John a.k.a. JR first recruited David Martin on the keyboards. JR knew David when he played with The Spoonmen and always had a deep admiration for his great playing style and was delighted when David said yes to the offer to join the forming band.

It was during a Christmas lunch family gathering that JR's partner's sister's husband, Richard asked about what was happening musically. JR mentioned the Paul Kelly concept band to him and he said count me in. Richard is a seasoned and very competent lead guitarist that JR knew would definitely add value to this new forming band.

During a long lunch with a long time musician friend Jamie White JR put forward his offer to join the newly forming Paul Kelly Cover band. At first Jamie was relunctant to commit but after hearing the standard of musicianship at an audition Jamie easily decided to get on board.