John's in interest in music started way back. His Grandmother had a piano in her front room which was always tinkled with by little Johnny on every visit.  John's primary school years had the ABC Sing-a-long lessons via the classroom's public address system which John also enjoyed immensely.

Wind forward about 8 years and John was attending an all boys high school (yes it is sad) where all 1st year students did music as part of their curriculum. John did drums for that whole year and found he thoroughly enjoyed playing them and had quite a natural talent for them as well.

At the end of 1st year all students could elect to do several exams which would allow them entry into the special music program. John decided to have a crack at it and came Dux,topping his year.  Mum and Dad definitely were very happy and proud that little Johnny did so well but they definitely didn't want to have thumping drums at home. After 6 weeks of the special music program with no instrument John's Dad came home with a beat up old electric guitar case held together with gaffa tape. Inside it was an original 1962/63 Maton Goldline 750. So began the reluctant journey of learning to play the guitar.

Upon leaving school John put the guitar down and was happy not ever play it again. Things changed though when a chance meeting with an Adelaide solo singer/songwriter Peter Wybrow happen to move into the share house where John was living at the time in the Adelaide Hill at Houghton. Peter showed John a range of jazz chords and syncopated rhythms which seemed to turn on a switch that made playing the guitar very cool indeed. This new awaking led to John attending TAFE and studying Jazz Guitar which then lead to writing his own songs and busking in the Rundle Mall.

John undertook vocal lessons to develop his voice which he attended off and on for about 5 years. There he learned about singing harmony and range of other vocal craft techniques and is now grateful for the time spent singing boring scales and learning voice projection etc.

John has been in a number of cover bands, BB7, Under the Covers, Johnny and the Boys and Take Note. In 2004 John formed Salt which began as a cover band later evolved into an originals band which played at number of the Adelaide Fringe Festivals.

The idea for a Paul Kelly cover band came to John in mid 2007 and he began to actively recruit quality musicans for the band in December of 2008. By mid June 2009 the line up was complete and Stolen Apples had formed.

Since that time Stolen Apples has been gigging around Adelaide and gaining popularity. The band also had an opportunity to perform several shows as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2010.

John plays a custom made De Gruchy acoustic with dual B-Band pickups.

One of John's goals is for the band to share the stage with Paul Kelly.